Invest in Regenerative Death Care

Recompose is creating a new death care model which helps build healthy soils and supports climate drawdown.

We are seeking investors to help fund this vision.



your Investment Helps To:

  • reimagine our relationship with death

  • create a framework for ritual

  • decrease the amount of arable land used for cemeteries

  • Reduce toxic materials buried in the earth

  • reduce greenhouse gasses produced by current funeral practices

  • Save over one metric ton of carbon per person

  • Create healthy soils

  • bring intention and transparency to the end-of-life

  • strengthen human interconnection


business philosophy

Recompose believes that scaling is necessary to have the impact we want on the world – to change the emotional landscape around death care and create environmental wealth at the end-of-life. We can only do that if our system is available in many places, and our business model must support that growth.

However, the “growth-at-any-cost” mindset of American companies and the corresponding expectations of investors have contributed to a toxic landscape for many businesses and people. The dominant practice has been to accelerate growth in order to make companies appealing acquisition or IPO candidates over a relatively short time horizon (typically five to ten years.) This often comes at the expense of values and mission, employees, communities, the environment, and even investors.

Recompose is committed to growing our company organically, carefully, and deliberately with strong and enduring financial results. The nature of our business supports this philosophy, and we are seeking investors who appreciate the potential and who are pleased to join Recompose as long-term investors.



  • Total Raise: $6,750,000

  • Minimum Investment: $100,000

  • investment type: equity + dividends

  • investors: accredited only


Because we are trying to raise a large amount of capital, our minimum investment is quite high, and our offering is only open to accredited investors. In the future, we hope to offer additional investment opportunities at a lower minimum.

Thank you for your consideration. If you meet the criteria and are interested in learning more, please contact